Ann’s expertise can be found in variety of functional areas: Tax Systems, Budget Systems, Financial Systems, Project Management and Production Support/Training.  Most projects involve design, implementation and production support for government systems.  The most recent projects consist of:

State of Nevada Electronic Bidding (EBS) Project

Ann is currently fulfilling the role as Project Manager for the EBS project.  This project will replace the current Project Cost Estimation function that is currently part of the Contract Management System (CMS) as well as the stand alone spreadsheets and databases used to tabulate bids.  It is anticipated the EBS will provide an electronic method of submitting bids that includes a self service Contractor’s Desktop application. 

Ann will manage staff in the following NDOT divisions to implement and transition over the new system:  Financial Management, Design, Project Accounting, Administrative Services, Construction, Specifications and Contract Compliance.  It is estimated that over 100 users will be affected by the new EBS.  It is anticipated this project will take 20 months with full implementation by June 30, 2011 at a cost not to exceed $2.1M.

State of Nevada Unix Consolidation Project

Ann performed the Functional Architect/Project Manager role in this project for the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).  Ann was responsible for ensuring 5 systems migrated to the new “managed system”.  These systems included NDOT Financial (FDOT), NDOT Financial Data Warehouse (FDOTDW), Nevada Employee and Timekeeping System (NEATS), Advantage Human Resources (HDHR) and Human Resources Data Warehouse (HRDW).  In addition to managing the effort on NDOT’s behalf, Ann managed all phases of the acceptance testing as well as performed some of the very complex testing.

Nevada Department of Transportation Payroll Consolidation Project

This project involved working the State Department of Personnel and NDOT to combine the two payrolls after almost 10 years of running separate cycles.  Ann performed a leadership role in both technical and functional aspects of the system by testing, coordinating, and evaluating options for the various phases of the project.

Nevada Unified Taxation System (UTS) Project

Ann was the Functional Architect for the State of Nevada Unified Tax System project.  Ann’s involvement included requirements definition, vendor selection, conversion and system implementation for the first two phases of the project.  This project encompassed all major functions of tax processing including tax administration, on-line (web-based) tax capabilities, discovery and data warehouse development.

This project had both an internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders and balancing the needs of both was a challenge.  Unlike the Integrated Financial System (IFS) project that provides state agencies with an automated accounting solution, this project provides a service to an external group of stakeholders (taxpayers) in addition to the state of Nevada Taxation Staff.  

The last phase of the project will be implemented in mid 2007 with the remaining tax administration functionality including case management and the various excise tax administration processes.

Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS) Project

The Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS) project involved developing a web-based budget system to replace the existing legacy application.  Ann’s governmental budgeting experience provided the expertise needed to work with staff from Aeris Enterprises to design and ultimately implement the system in time for 2006-2007 budget development cycle.  NEBS is the primary budget development tool used by all state agencies in Nevada to develop and submit their budget to the State Budget Office ultimately interfacing with the Nevada legislative budget system.

Ann’s role involved many aspects of the project.  Specific contributions included the development and review of designs, system testing, acceptance testing, and development of training materials.  This project was very unique because the State of Nevada Budget cycle is consists of a 16 month of budget development process to ultimately create a budget for next the biennium (2 year budget).

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) General Ledger Project

The DMV General Ledger project consisted primarily of enhancing the Genesis information system at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Ann worked with DMV staff to design, build, test and implement an offline process to post various transactions to a General Ledger.  This information ultimately allowed DMV to take over 1200 accounts and collapse them into a manageable number of summary accounts so that reporting and reconciliation could be more efficient.

Integrated Financial System (IFS)

Over 3 years, Ann provided consulting services to several of IFS applications: Statewide Financial (SWF), Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) Financial, Statewide Human Resources and Data Warehouses (SW and NDOT).  Ann participated in a variety of activities from reviewing financial system enhancements to production support.  This project also included overseeing and developing internal control procedures for every department agency in the state.

Ann worked for American Management Systems (AMS) for the beginning of the IFS project before founding AC Consulting in 1999. Ann provided functional direction in all aspects of Governmental Financial System being constructed for the Department of Transportation:  Budgeting, Purchasing, Federal Aid Billing, Travel Accounting and Advanced Receivables.  Ann also managed and provided guidance to a team of programmers responsible for the all the NDOT Financial enhancements.

State of Ohio Centralized Accounting System (CAS)

While working for AMS, Ann was the on-site Project Manager for the CAS Enhancement project in Columbus, Ohio.  The State of Ohio enhanced their 20 year old financial system and added a Graphical front end and built several  modules to increase the efficiency in the state of Ohio: State Agency Budgeting, Human Services Accounts Receivable, Integrated Workflow, and Agency Reporting Database (data warehouse).