Nevada Department of Transportation

Ann is currently working for Nevada Department of Transportation for a second engagement.  She most recently worked on the UNIX Consolidation and the Payroll Consolidation projects, but is now the Project Manager for the Electronic Bidding Project.  The project will replace the current cost estimation process as well as all the standalone spreadsheets and databases used to tabulate bids.  Ann is currently working under the direction of Robert Chisel and Todd DeVito at the Department of Transportation.

Nevada Department of Taxation

Ann worked for the Department of Taxation fulfilling the role of Functional Architect for the State of Nevada Unified Tax System (UTS) project.  Ann’s involvement includes requirements definition, vendor selection, conversion and system implementation for the first two phases of the project.  This project encompasses all major functions of tax processing including tax administration, on-line (web-based) tax capabilities, discovery and data warehouse development.  Ann worked at the direction of Chuck Chinnock and Dino DiCianno at the Department of Taxation.

Nevada Department of Administration

Ann worked with the Department of Administration on the Nevada Executive Budget System (NEBS) project.  This involved developing a web-based budget system to replace the existing legacy application.  Ann’s governmental budgeting experience provided the expertise needed to work with staff from Aeris Enterprises to design and ultimately implement the system in time for 2006-2007 budget development cycle.  NEBS is the primary budget development tool used by all state agencies in Nevada to develop and submit their budget to the State Budget Office. Ann worked at the direction of Dave McTeer and Andrew Clinger at the Department of Administration.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Ann worked with the Department of Motor Vehicles to enhance their current vehicle information system.  Ann worked with DMV staff to design, build, test and implement an offline process to posts various transactions to a General Ledger.  This information ultimately allowed DMV to take over 1200 accounts and collapse them into a manageable number so that reporting and reconciliation could be more efficient.  Ann worked at the direction of Perry Comeaux and Dennis Colling.

Nevada Department of Transportation

Ann worked with the Nevada Department of Transportation to functionally direct all aspects of Governmental Financial System (GFS) being constructed for the agency:  Budgeting, Purchasing, Federal Aid Billing, Travel Accounting and Advanced Receivables.  Ann also managed and provided guidance to a team of programmers responsible for the all the NDOT Financial enhancements.